VCC PML50 Series Waterproof LED PMI

VCC's PML50 Series Waterproof LED PMI features a semi-dome shape and white diffused lens to enhance daytime viewing.

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Visual Communications Company (VCC) announces the addition of its PML50 Series Waterproof LED PMI.

  • Semi-dome shape and white diffused lens enhance daytime viewing, especially from side angle or at a distance
  • Includes UV protection 
  • Lens will not discolor or fade from exposure to sun’s harmful rays 
  • Suited for range of industries where outdoor status indication is crucial, including oil, gas, transportation and industrial applications
  • IP67 rating guarantees reliability in harsh, wet environments 
  • FlexVolt technology can be used for circuits ranging from 5-28V DC, reducing inventory costs and opening up design possibilities 
  • Double-D mounting style ensures secure operation in high-vibration environments
  • LED lamp provides up to 100,000 hours of operation 
  • Available in red, green, white, blue and yellow, as well as one bi-color option: red/green
  • Diameter of 0.688 in. (17.5 mm)

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