OTTO G3-C Universal Contour Grip

The G3-C Universal Contour Grip offers 13 standard faceplate configurations.

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The ergonomically designed G3-C Universal Contour Grip is the latest addition to OTTO's G3 Universal series of rugged, high performance control grips.

  • Offers 13 standard faceplate configurations
  • Can be customized for applications requiring high switch content, or to provide only basic control functions on lower tier units
  • Panel mounting as fixed control grip or mounted on an OTTO JH or JHM joystick
  • Multiple faceplate options available and are designed for use with OTTO's pushbuttons, rockers, toggles, Hall effect switches as well as OTTO's Hall effect joysticks
  • Accommodates up to a total of 11 control switches, including one to eight switches on the faceplate, optional pushbutton on each side of the grip head, and optional trigger switch that can also act as operator presence
  • Can be manufactured with a variety of switches, along with custom termination and mounting options
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