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Elobau Sensor Technology Inc. offers a micro pushbutton, Model 145MA, a Hall Effect device with linear analog output, making it ideal for applications where a simple on/off switching function is insufficient.
• Switching element is housed in an IP67 protection class housing
• Guaranteed service life in excess of two million operations
• Button caps available in multiple colors; can be imprinted with customer-specific symbols, as needed
• Unit measures 15.1 mm dia. and 27 mm in length, from the head to the tip of the M12 thread
• Keystroke length, 4 mm
• Operating temperatures from -20 C to 75 C (-4 F to 167 F)
• Operating voltage, 5v
• Maximum operating current, 15mA
• Standard version, output voltage is 0.5 to 4.5v DC
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