Series 51 Space Saving Industrial Switches

EAO Corporation has developed the Series 51 space saving industrial switches which occupy 34 mm of control panel space.

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EAO Corporation introduces the Series 51 switches, a range of space saving industrial switches suitable for high-tech operator controls.

  • Occupies less space behind the panel – just 34 mm including the contact block for a pushbutton
  • Allows for stacking of more contacts in the same behind-panel space which allows for added space for additional system components
  • Well suited for use with flatpanel touchscreen interfaces, wireless remote controls, handheld pendant controls, or any piece of equipment where behind-panel space is restricted
  • Available as illuminated pushbuttons, indicators, selector switches and key switches in a choice of sizes, shapes and materials – either hard-wearing plastic or durable aluminum
  • Many different lens and bezel color combinations are possible to create a custom look and feel  
  • Up to four normally-open (NO) and four normally-closed (NC) contacts can be mounted per switch
  • Accommodates a wide range of operating voltages from 10μA/100μV up to 250V/5A, depending on the selected switch element
  • Choice of terminals is available including solder, solder/plug-in and PCB
  • Features front protection to IP65 for a mechanical lifetime guarantee of more than one million cycles
  • Compliant with all important national and international standards
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