CAN-Driven Operator Control Module

OTTO Engineering Inc. introduces its CAN-driven Operator Control Module featuring a custom backlit keypad and Hall effect switches.

Operator Control Module Otto 11201484
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OTTO Engineering Inc. designers and engineers utilized an optimized product development process to develop the company's CAN-driven Operator Control Module, a multi-use device with joystick and keypad functionality combined into one active assembly.

  • Includes indicator lights, a custom backlit keypad, and Hall effect switches such as a JHM joystick, an HTL toggle and a U2 rocker
  • Environmentally and electronically robust components are able to handle the rigors of construction, agricultural, forestry and other off-road applications
  • Plug and play CAN environment ensures all messaging, error handling and prioritization hierarchy is specified, guaranteeing unit will work as soon as it is plugged into the network
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