EAO Series 45 Double Pushbuttons

The EAO Series 45 double pushbuttons offer two separate pushbuttons in a single device to provide space savings.

Br45 Ks 01 00818

EAO introduces the Series 45 double pushbuttons offering a broad range of machine operating functions and good technical characteristics.

  • Robustly designed
  • Provides additional potential for applications with two independent but­tons
  • Space-saving solution that provides two separate pushbuttons in a single device
  • Easy to mount and suited for machinery control functions such as stop and start
  • Compact construction 
  • Range of colors and marking options available
  • Plastic or metal front bezel construction
  • Up to three contacts per pushbutton can be added
  • Offers wide range of configuration possibilities
  • Available in a red/green or black/white color combination along with choice of flush or raised lenses
  • Illumination is displayed within center window between two buttons
  • Optional silicon protective cap enables IP66 and IP67 protection, even in actuated state
  • Available in momentary function without mutual interlocking mechanism


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