Grayhill Updates 3D Series Vehicle Display Platform

Grayhill has updated its 3D Series vehicle display platform, adding additional flash memory and an updated operating system.

Grayhill Lockup Main Horizontal Black + Rgb 199 (1)

Grayhill, Inc. has released an update to its 3D Series vehicle display platform with four new part numbers now available. The newly released parts include additional flash memory and an updated operating system. The flash memory is being increased from 64MB to 128MB, while the operating system is being updated from Windows CE5 to CE6. Together, these updates to Grayhill's display units provide for more efficient operation.

Grayhill's OEM customers demand a standard platform for implementing applications. Windows CE provides developers with a familiar and proven platform.

Other benefits of Windows CE6 include:

  • Increased process address space
  • Increased quantity of processes
  • Improvement of system call performance

Grayhill has issued new part numbers for the updated display units:

  • 3D65TK-1006 has a 6.5-inch display with touchscreen capabilities
  • 3D65XK-1006 has a 6.5-inch display
  • 3D104TK-1006 has a 10.4-inch display with touchscreen capabilities
  • 3D104XK-1006 has a 10.4-inch display

Additionally, these standard product configurations now include a Chinese (Manadarin) character set pre-installed. This makes prototype development quicker and easier for OEM customers developing products for China.