OTTO Releases New Product Catalog

OTTO has released a newly designed catalog for its full line of control products which includes 16 new products and updated drawings.

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OTTO, a leading manufacturer of switches, grips, joysticks and control panels, announces its new full line controls catalog. This enhanced and redesigned catalog includes several key features:

  • 16 New Products 
  • Updated Drawings 
  • OTTO’s Value Added Story 
  • A comprehensive military cross reference 
  • New Photographs 
  • Glossary of Terms 
  • Enhanced Fonts 

OTTO Launches Magazine Style PDF Catalog 

In addition to the hard copy version, OTTO has published an interactive magazine style PDF available on the company's website.

The digital page-flipping version includes easy-to-use navigation tools which allow users to: 

  • Find your way with the user friendly search tool 
  • Utilize the Pages Tab on the left of the screen to jump to a specific product page 
  • Use the "Toggle Reading View", "Zoom In" and "Zoom Out" features when you want to see detail up close 
  • Save selected pages to share with customers by using the download PDFs option 
  • Print any number of select catalog pages 
  • Bookmark a page for future reference 

New Catalog App Coming Soon 

Looking ahead, OTTO is in the planning stages to launch a new Catalog 112 app that can be downloaded to your computer or smart device.