CM Labs Showcasing Vortex Simulators at ICUEE 2017

CM Labs Simulations will exhibit its lineup of Vortex simulators for construction equipment, running a full catalogue of crane and earth-moving equipment simulator training packs.

Vx Advantage 5 Screens Tn1

At ICUEE 2017 (Louisville, Kentucky, October 3-5, booth 3453), CM Labs Simulations will showcase its lineup of Vortex simulators for construction equipment, running mobile crane and excavator training packs, and more. CM Labs will also be making several major announcements leading up to the show.

Vortex Advantage simulator provides completely immersive training experience

The immersive Vortex Advantage construction crane and heavy equipment simulator is designed for maximum training flexibility. Features include:

  • 1, 3, or 5 displays (with rotation for 3-display option)
  • Optional motion platform
  • Hot-swappable control sets and pedals
  • Operator training packs for mobile crane, tower crane, crawler crane, overhead crane, boom truck, backhoe loader, wheel loader, excavator

Vortex Trainer simulator provides professional-grade operator assessment and classroom training Vortex Trainer Hd 300dpi Tn2

Designed for portability, the Vortex Trainer mounts conveniently on a desktop and makes it easy for organizations to rapidly assess operator competence, as an effective alternative to assessing operators on real machines, which is risky and potentially hard on equipment.

The Vortex Trainer is also deployed in classroom environments to bridge the gap between theory and practical experience, resulting in trainees who are better prepared to operate the real equipment.

Lifting and earthmoving equipment training modules

CM Labs’ full catalogue of lifting and earthmoving training packs is ready to run on any Vortex simulator. Each training pack assures complete, effective simulator training, thanks to progressive learning exercises, objective trainee performance metrics, and best-of-class equipment simulation. Experience the full catalogue on CM Labs’ lineup of Vortex Simulators and stay tuned for some major announcements at booth 3453.