New CM Labs Training Simulators to be Debuted at CONEXPO 2020

CM Labs' new simulator uses an Instructor Operating Station which allows changes to be made on the fly to training excercises.

Mobile Crane Simulator Training Pack

At CONEXPO 2020, CM Labs will showcase an innovative new feature that gives instructors the ability to make changes to training scenarios, and push them directly to operators training on CM Labs’ Vortex simulators.

Using a tool called the Instructor Operating Station (IOS), which allows trainers to launch and monitor simulator training exercises, instructors can now make changes to exercises on the fly.

For example, they can add different objects to the worksite and change the position of vehicles, or simply tailor exercises to individual trainee abilities for even more efficient learning.

“In essence, instructors now have access to a virtually unlimited number of simulation exercises for any given piece of equipment,” says Drew Carruthers, CM Labs’ Director of Product Strategy.

What makes this possible is the simulation software “under the hood” of the IOS. This software, Vortex Studio, is designed to realistically simulate mechanical equipment and their operating environment, whether for training, or for engineering and prototyping applications.

Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) can also leverage Vortex Studio, to make engineering design changes within the software, and push them immediately to a simulator for human-in-the-loop testing. Operating data can also be captured for tracking and analysis. The result is a vast reduction in development risk, and far less reliance on costly field prototypes.

In addition, at CONEXPO 2020, CM Labs will be displaying the most popular training simulators in the U.S. today, with its immersive Vortex Advantage and portable desktop Vortex Edge Plus. These simulators can run the company’s full catalog of lifting equipment and earthmoving equipment. This includes simulations for mobile cranes, backhoes, excavators, and many more.

Exhibiting with CM Labs at booth F100911 is CM Labs training partner OETIO (Operating Engineers Training Institute of Ontario). A leader in the training field, OETIO has been using Vortex simulators for over 15 years in their world-class facilities.