Vision Systems Creates Anti-COVID Glass to Protect Bus Drivers

The glass is designed to help prevent possible transmission of COVID-19 when bus drivers come in contact with passengers.

Vision Systems Anti Covid Glass

With regard to the COVID-19 pandemic that we have to face, Vision Systems relies on its Safety Tech divisionspecialized in driver assistance systems and driver protection doorsto develop a protective glass for bus and coach drivers which helps prevent possible transmission of the virus when in contact with passengers.

This polycarbonate partition is made of a durable, resistant and non-brittle material and is to be installed on an existing driver door. Its design is robust, it does not generate additional vibrations and its fixing system does not cause any deterioration on the lining or on the internal mechanisms of the door.

Adaptable to all driver doors, this anti-COVID-19 glass, developed and assembled in France, can be mounted and dismantled simply and quickly, and requires very little maintenance (easy cleaning).