Liebherr Showcases High-Tech Machinery Innovations and Shares Vision for the Future

Follow our full coverage of Liebherr's recent press tour kickoff to learn about the future of machinery, digitalization and emissions reduction

LB 16 in the Alps
LB 16 in the Alps

The future of machinery is efficient, digital and environmentally friendly. This was the running theme at a recent press event held by Liebherr International in Kirchdorf, Germany. 

Throughout the proceedings, Liebherr showcased innovative equipment, offered insightful education and shared the company's vision for the future of machinery and construction sites. Follow along here for links and information  including videos, product demos, equipment information, industry developments, hands-on experiences and more. 

Liebherr Shares Vision for the Future of Machinery and Construction SitesLiebherr Presser

On the first day of the event, executives from Liebherr International held a press conference to share the company's vision for the future of machinery and construction sites. Executives explained that the future is efficient, digital and environmentally friendly. They also described new product offerings that encompass these values and are aimed at driving the industry forward. Read about the full press conference here. You can also listen in to the Digging Deeper Podcast with Liebherr International's Andreas Böhm and Holger Streitz. 

Liebherr Showcases Battery-Powered Drilling Rig - The LB 16Liebherr Lb16 Unplugged Buers 1 96dpi

The Liebherr LB 16 is a battery-powered drilling rig that reduces emissions and noise and doesn't require being plugged in. It features an electro-hydraulic drive concept and can operate for up to 10 hours before recharging. Learn more about the innovative machine here or watch our YouTube video

Taking a 360 Spin Around Liebherr's Test Track

Curious about how companies put their dump trucks to the test? So were we. Fortunately, the Liebherr team let Christoph Trappe take this exciting 360 video while driving around the company's test track in Germany. Learn more about his test drive on our sister site, or watch the video on the YouTube app with your VR headset to get the full experience. 

Liebherr Offers an Up Close View of Equipment DigitizationLiebherr Ar Experience Augmented Reality 1 96dpi

Liebherr has released the Liebherr AR Experience, its first augmented reality (AR) app. This app uses AR to project digital 3D data onto your actual surroundings, enabling contractors to perform construction site planning like never before. Users can view or utilize the data from anywhere at any time on their smartphones, tablets or any other device on which they have the app. Read more about the futuristic tool here or watch our video on YouTube.

How Do Companies Check How Loud Their Equipment Is?

While at the Liebherr press event, we got to take a look at how companies monitor equipment noise. The Liebherr Sound Check Station utilizes an operator and microphones on the side to check machinery noise levels and ensure they fall within acceptable limits. Watch this video here to learn all about it

Liebherr Demonstrates Its Semi-Autonomous Articulated Dump Trucks

In this video, Liebherr's Martin Bucher discusses how the company's semi-autonomous equipment works and offers a live demo. Check out our coverage on YouTube

As always, we had a blast learning about and experiencing the latest innovations in machinery. Many thanks to Liebherr International for giving us such an inside look at their machines and processes.