Orange EV Expands to Meet Growing Demand for Electric Trucks

Orange EV is adding more than five times the production capacity due to accelerating adoption of its 100% electric trucks.

Orange EV
Orange Ev T Series Pure Electric Terminal Truck Charging (1)

Orange EV, the first original equipment manufacturer (OEM) to commercially deploy 100% electric Class 8 trucks, announces its second facility expansion in 4 years, moving to a site with more than five times the production capacity. Industry-leading fleets are accelerating adoption of Orange EV’s safer, more reliable trucks while eliminating diesel and emissions at a significantly lower total cost of ownership. Orange EV’s T-Series Pure Electric Terminal Truck is on display this week at the 2019 North American Commercial Vehicle Show in booth #2603. Chief Commercial Officer Mike Saxton will share case studies and answer questions at two Wednesday educational events, Ask the Expert and panel sessions at 9am and 12:40 pm respectively. 

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After 4 years of commercial deployment, Orange EV continues to be the only manufacturer of Class 8 electric trucks that have been commercially deployed and reordered. Further milestones and achievements in the heavy-duty electric truck market include: 

  • More than 60 distinct fleets have chosen Orange EV pure electric terminal trucks for commercial deployment in 14 states across the U.S. 
  • In California alone, Orange EV trucks have been purchased and are in use at more than 40 customer locations. 
  • In 2015, Orange EV became the first OEM to commercially deploy all-electric Class 8 trucks. Orange EV completed its prototype demonstration phase in 2013 and 2014. 
  • Since 2015, all Orange EV truck deployments have been for commercial use where fleets have purchased and placed Orange EV trucks into routine operations, performing the same mission-critical work previously accomplished by diesel trucks. 
  • In early 2017, Orange EV deployed the first high-speed charging station in the U.S. specifically designed for heavy duty, commercial electric vehicles. Orange EV’s DC Fast Charging Station was deployed as part of a complete Orange EV electric terminal truck solution. 
  • Every Orange EV truck is still operating on its original battery pack. 

Orange EV’s 4x2 trucks are deployed coast-to-coast, working through hot desert summers and cold northern winters, in all site types for which they were designed including rail intermodal, parcel, LTL freight, grocery, manufacturing/production, construction, seaport, warehouse & distribution, waste management, 3rd party logistics (3PL), and with the spotting services managing cargo handling environments. 

“Orange EV trucks have been tested and proven by years of operational truck data, case studies, reorders, and customer testimonials,” says Saxton. “Thanks to our valued fleet partners Orange EV is again expanding production facilities to accommodate accelerating new fleet deployments and broader continuing rollouts.” 

Orange EV fleets have affirmed savings of up to 90% on fuel, up to 75% on maintenance and repair, and 100% on emission control, while acknowledging additional savings in health, safety, and operations. Fleets with heavy-use trucks report annual hard dollar savings of up to $60,000+ per truck in fuel, maintenance, and emission control alone. 

“The savings continue to add up when considering the higher reliability, enhanced safety, and increased efficiency,” says Kurt Neutgens, Orange EV Chief Technology Officer. “With Orange EV’s innovative low voltage systems, direct drive power train, and regenerative braking, our trucks are inherently safer and easier to use. We’ve eliminated the things that frustrate fleets, like problematic emissions control equipment, while adding features they’ve wanted for years.” 

Orange EV trucks come standard with onboard telematics, providing system status and operational data not previously available on diesel trucks. Orange EV’s mobile technical support provides onsite warranty, maintenance, and repair service. 

“We couldn’t have gotten here without our industry advocates and partners, including the many leading fleets who were early adopters of the first all-electric Class 8 trucks,” says Wayne Mathisen, Orange EV Chief Executive Officer. “Today’s production trucks are several design generations beyond those first demonstrated in 2013. Orange EV has continued to innovate the T-Series electric truck as the platform of choice for the next generation in yard management solutions.”