AGCO Introduces Fendt IDEAL 10 and 10T Combines

The new 790 hp combines are designed to deliver greater grain harvesting capacity and top grain quality.

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AGCO Corporation introduces the new model 10 and 10T Fendt IDEAL combines to North American producers. The IDEAL 10 and 10T deliver industry-leading maximum engine power of 790 hp, up to 20% more throughput capacity than previous models and harvesting automation that makes operation easier and ensures top grain quality. As another example of Fendt’s unrelenting pursuit of excellence, these new Class 10 combines are designed and built to efficiently harvest more grain in the toughest of harvest conditions.

“As AGCO expands its Fendt dealer network and product line in North America, we are excited to bring the IDEAL 10 and IDEAL 10T with the TrakRide system and IDEALdrive joystick steering to market for the 2021 harvest seasons,” says Kevin Forth, AGCO Tactical Marketing Manager for Harvesting. “Our engineers have designed substantially more power and cleaning capacity into the IDEAL 10 without increasing the size of the combine. Add the new IDEALdrive steering and TrakRide in combination on the Model 10T combines, and these Class 10 combines will deliver more bushels harvested per day and even easier operation during long days harvesting.”

The IDEAL 10 and 10T join the family of Fendt IDEAL 7, 8 and 9 models introduced to North America in 2018. Harvesting capacity of the IDEAL 10 is up to 20% greater than the IDEAL 9, due to the increased horsepower of the MAN 16.2-liter engine and a 12% increase in separation area. The increased harvesting capacity hasn’t increased the overall size or maneuverability of the IDEAL 10, which maintains a sleek 11.5-foot chassis width. Equipped with wheels or the patented TrakRide system, IDEAL is available with 26-, 30- or 36-inch-wide rubber tracks, which allow operators to match the track to their respective operations and glide over fields with challenging soil conditions.

Higher cleaning capacity with added WavePan cleaning technology

For even higher cleaning capacity and great throughput, the IDEAL 10 offers a re-designed cleaning system compared to Class 8 and 9 models. The IDEAL Balance™ return pans have been optimized to evenly distribute large amounts of material to the cleaning system while keeping the same simple and efficient manner of operation to minimize grain loss and increase grain sample quality.

With the expanded cleaning system, grain now drops down to the top sieve from the stratification pan through the new WavePan cascades. The WavePan design adds curved double-drop steps that use stratification and gravity to help separate grain from foreign material. The enhanced design also maximizes airflow so the powerful cleaning fan can suspend light material in the WavePan area before any material reaches the cleaning shoe, pre-cleaning the crop before it reaches the top sieve. The powerful airflow is split between the two drop stages, so a constant airflow is generated over the entire length of the cleaning shoe for optimal cleaning and grain quality results.

Long, dual-rotor design is efficient and easy on grain

The Fendt IDEAL 10/10T combine includes the same major features and systems as the existing models to help producers optimize grain harvested and deliver cleaner, high-quality grain. The rotors in the dual helix processor are each 24 inches in diameter and nearly 16 feet long, almost 2 feet longer than the nearest competitor. The processor generates huge centrifugal force at a much lower speed, so the crop remains in the rotor longer, which is gentler on grain and straw. In addition, operators will spend less time unloading and more time harvesting with the fastest unload rate in the industry, 6.0 bu./second, with the IDEAL Streamer™ 6.0 auger as standard equipment.

AGCO headers to optimize the capacity of the new combine include the 9300 DynaFlex draper heads in 45- and now 50-foot widths, along with the 15-ft. 4300 pickup header and the Command Series 16-row corn head in chopping and non-chopping versions.

Automation improves harvest efficiency, grain quality and acres harvested

All IDEAL combines feature the automated IDEALharvest system that makes operation easier, optimizes machine performance and ensures top grain quality. The IDEALharvest system uses a special grain-quality camera and numerous sensors that provide real-time crop-flow visualization and direct the system to change settings and compensate for conditions to achieve the operator’s pre-set harvest strategy. Preferences for minimizing grain damage, loss and material other than grain (MOG) in the bin are set by the operator using an easy-to-use touchscreen tablet.

The IDEALharvest system compensates for sudden changes such as crop density and field slope, adjusting to maintain machine performance and grain quality. This technology is especially important when crop maturity, crop quality, plant health, stand variability and harsh weather make harvest challenging. This convenient technology reduces the operator’s work as conditions change throughout the day.

IDEALdrive eliminates steering wheel for better visibility, more control, less fatigue

IDEALdrive, the first joystick steering system on a combine from a major manufacturer, is an option available in 2021 on the IDEAL 10T and all IDEAL TrakRide-equipped combines in North America. Eliminating the steering wheel and column gives the operator an unobstructed, end-to-end view of the combine header, especially the center of the header where the crop enters the feeder house. The clear view helps ensure crop is flowing smoothly into the machine for optimum productivity and grain quality.

With IDEALdrive, the left hand steers the combine by moving the joystick left or right with a slight movement of the hand. The operator achieves accurate steering with less muscle activity, taking strain off wrists, forearms, shoulders and back during long days in the cab. The steering sensitivity adjusts based on the speed of the machine for optimum control whether the combine is harvesting or in transport mode. Controls typically found on the steering wheel or steering column are now on the joystick at the operator’s fingertips, and all other left- and right-hand controls are within easy reach and designed with operator comfort in mind.

Uptime promise to keep you in the field

All Fendt IDEAL combines are backed by Fendt Gold Star Customer Care, which features a 24-Hour Uptime Assurance service option that provides customers with 24/7 access to their service specialists. It’s the centerpiece of a three-year extended warranty that offers a comprehensive customer support package, including a maintenance program with a 250-hour and out-of-season service package, including all fluids and filters, to ensure uptime.

Fendt IDEAL combines offer the full suite of AGCO Fuse precision farming technology solutions to bring crop production decisions full circle from planning, field prep and planting through crop care to harvest and storage. Owners also receive three-year access to Fendt Connect, AGCO’s pioneering data management tool that includes Fendt SmartConnect, the fleet monitoring and machine diagnostic program that is among the most comprehensive services of its kind.

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