Kenworth T880S Enters Production with Strong Demand from Robust Construction Market

T880S McNeilus Mixer
T880S McNeilus Mixer

The Kenworth T880S has been a much-anticipated option for mixer body builders and their customers needing to meet the federal bridge formula. And, with T880S production commencing this week, order boards are filling up. McNeilus Manufacturing, a division of Oshkosh; and Con-Tech Manufacturing are the first customers receiving T880S chassis during this first week of production.

The Kenworth T880S features a set-forward front axle, which makes it the go-to configuration for mixer customers needing to comply with federal bridge formulas. “We’re glad production is rolling, and the response has been great,” said Tom Harris, who serves as McNeilus vice president of concrete mixers. “A large percentage of our orders are for the set-forward configuration.”

According to Harris, the Kenworth T880S is being spec’d in a four-axle configuration with an overall length under 40 feet. “And we’re recommending the T880S be spec’d with the PACCAR MX-11 engine, which saves our customers significant weight (400 pounds over a 13-liter engine) while supplying enough power to get the job done.”

Harris said Kenworth is a preferred supplier to McNeilus and the company has always done a great job of building its trucks with the mixer market in mind. “Our customers appreciate the little things that Kenworth does to make a great mixer truck,” he said. “The cowl-mounted mirrors are an example. A driver will typically have the door open when at a job site, but they’ll also use the mirrors and that can only be done if it’s cowl-mounted.” A big fan of the T880, Harris said the bigger windshield and lines of sight are a welcome addition, “along with the ergonomics and the quietness of the cab,” he added. “The T880 is just a great truck for our market.”

Response in the market to Kenworth’s T880 and T880S has been “tremendous,” said Dan Welsh, president of Con-Tech Manufacturing. “The larger cab, visibility, dash layout and modern look have really caught the attention of our customers,” he explained. “They love it. We’re now seeing the pendulum swing towards orders for the set-forward configuration, and we expect about 80 percent of our Kenworth build will be for the T880S model.” 

According to Welsh, the quality of Kenworth and the Con-Tech body is a great match. “Quality all the way around,” he said. “That keeps our customers productive on the job site, and keeps them coming back for more of our mixers as they grow their business.”

The T880S is available with a set-forward front axle ranging from 14,600 pounds to 22,800 pounds and is available with a 114-inch BBC and best-in-class 28-inch bumper setting as well as 29.5-inch and 31.5-inch bumper settings as options for dump truck, crane, or other construction applications. The bumper setting is especially important in complying with federal bridge formula where the chassis is required to stay under 40 feet in length.