Vactor Introduces Air-Only HXX Paradigm Vacuum Excavator

Vactor's air-only HXX Paradigm vacuum excavator keeps material dry and available for backfill, and has a modular design which can be tailored to individual customer needs.

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Vactor Manufacturing, the industry leader in vacuum excavators, industrial vacuum loaders and sewer and catch basin cleaners, has introduced an air-only version of the Vactor HXX Paradigm vacuum excavator. 

“During our initial demonstration tour for the Vactor Paradigm truck, we received great interest from our customers for an air-only configuration,” says Ben Schmitt, Product Manager, Vactor Manufacturing. “Many of our contractor and utility customers are looking at air excavation as a method to solve their spoil disposal issues. Air excavation keeps the material dry and available for backfill – which is very handy for subsurface utility engineering companies involved in mapping utility infrastructure.”

The Paradigm’s modular design allows Vactor to tailor the vacuum excavator to meet specific customer needs – with or without air, and with or without water. The air-only configuration of the Paradigm is equipped with the choice of air compressor rated at 185 cfm at 150 psi or 300 cfm at 250 psi.

The Paradigm can also be configured with several different water system configurations, including a wash-down system rated for 4 gpm at 2,500 psi equipped with a 100-gal. water tank, or a hydroexcavation system rated for 8 gpm at 2,500 psi equipped with a 300-gal. water tank.

Vactor also recently introduced an extreme terrain configuration of the Paradigm truck that features a Mattracks 400 Series rubber track conversion system for pipeline, utility and construction applications.

“Our customers ask, and Vactor delivers,” Schmitt says. “The various configurations and options available across our entire line of vacuum excavation equipment are examples of Vactor’s ongoing commitment to deliver innovative, customer-inspired solutions.”