National Crane Introduces NTC55 Truck Crane with Reach and Capacity of a Boom Truck

National Crane's new NTC55 has the compact configuration of a truck crane to maneuver in tight working conditions but can further extend its outriggers to achieve the further reach of a boom truck.

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New from National Crane is the NTC55, a 50 t (55 USt) truck crane “replacement” that can maneuver into the tight working quarters typically reserved for a truck crane, but with the added features of a boom truck to increase efficiency and versatility for its owners. The crane features the compact outrigger configuration of a truck crane, but can also further extend its outriggers to facilitate the greater reach and capacity of a boom truck.

The new crane’s design has been heavily influenced by Manitowoc customers in the field, specifically those who perform taxi crane applications. Many companies expressed a desire for a maneuverable, transportable 36.3 t (40 USt) capacity truck crane that could also take on the jobs of higher capacity boom trucks that require a larger area for outrigger setup. Also included in their requests was a more modern commercial chassis, which the NTC55 delivers. 

The key to the NTC55’s versatility is its ability to setup with a reduced 6.1 m (20 ft.) outrigger span, such as with traditional 36.3 t (40 USt) truck cranes. The crane not only meets all class lifting requirements with this configuration, but exceeds them, thanks to a main boom that’s 5.5 m (18 ft.) to 10.4 m (34 ft.) longer than competing truck cranes. If space allows, the NTC55 can extend its outriggers fully to a 7 m (24 ft.) span, enabling greatly improved reach and capacity—this opens up many additional job opportunities when compared to a traditional 36.3 t (40 USt) truck crane.  

This customer-influenced design is a reflection of The Manitowoc Way, the company’s manufacturing philosophy that puts customers at the center of crane design to deliver innovation and value at an increased velocity. Rental houses and other crane owners that need to take on a wide variety of applications—such as commercial construction, steel erection or HVAC installation—will find the NTC55 ideal for their purposes.

“Versatility is important to our customer base,” says Justin Pilgrim, Global Product Director for Boom Trucks and Carrydeck Cranes at Manitowoc. “They need to be able to stay agile and tackle a wide variety of jobs without being limited by tight job site constraints. The NTC55 will not only do the work of a 50 t (55 USt) boom truck when space allows, but exceed the capabilities of a 36.3 t (40 USt) truck crane with its 45 t (50 USt) rating at a reduced 6.1 m (20 ft.) outrigger span, all while offering a premium operator experience thanks to a host of modern features.” 

Focus on flexibility 

The NTC55 can operate while set up from one of four outrigger positions: 100%, 75%, 50% and fully retracted. At 75%, the outriggers reach a 6.1 m (20 ft.) span, enabling the NTC55 to replicate the performance of competing 36.3 t (40 USt) truck cranes. This makes the crane useful in the close quarters of urban environments, for example, where shutting down lanes of traffic isn’t always possible. In addition, the unique “X” shape of the front outriggers’ footprint eliminates the need for a single front outrigger, saving additional setup time on cramped job sites. Further reducing setup time and operator fatigue are the standard polymeric outrigger pads which reduce the weight by 30% and offer an added theft deterrent while on the jobsite.

The NTC55 offers a standard hydraulically self-removable counterweight system that consists of one 1,360 kg (3,000 lbs.) counterweight slab and two smaller 567 kg (1,250 lbs.) counterweights, giving the crane greater flexibility when roading. If axle weight limits in a given area are particularly stringent, or an end user can’t road the crane at full weight, counterweight can be hydraulically removed or stowed on the vehicle itself for transport.

Two jib options are available on the NTC55: an 8 m (26 ft.) fixed-length, offsettable jib, and a two-section, manually telescopic offsettable jib that can be adjusted from 8 m (26 ft.) to 14 m (45 ft.). When compared with competing 36.3 t (40 USt) truck-mounted cranes, the NTC55’s 39 m (128 ft.) main boom is up to 10.4 m (34 ft.) longer, and the operating performance is rock solid thanks to a stiffer, torsion-resistant carrier with less flex and twist than the average boom truck.

The NTC55 is the first National Crane to have a 20 degree hydraulically tilting operator’s cab, allowing for greater comfort, convenience and load visibility. Combined with the crane’s 80 degree maximum boom angle, the NTC55 is a solid lifting solution for applications such as HVAC installation, where maintaining visibility of the load is crucial. The added comfort of a premium, highly customizable, four-axle commercial truck chassis comes standard.

The NTC55 also makes use of National Crane’s proprietary and fully integrated Rated Capacity Limiter (RCL) and control system for ease of setup. Other class-leading features include adjustable joystick speeds, onboard diagnostics, and real-time truck status updates that include regen notification and service capabilities—all without the need for a laptop. Several utility-enhancing options and custom Lift Solutions are available, such as an auxillary hoist, a wireless radio remote control, a wireless anti-two-block system and a wind speed indicator.

“A standard taxi crane at a rental house can often work 10 jobs per day,” Pilgrim explains. “Our goal with the NTC55 is to give our customers the versatility and improved operator comfort to handle a high volume of jobs, but also to keep the door open for other, higher capacity work—the work of either a truck crane or a boom truck. Our customers work hard, and now more than ever, they need to have the capability to handle whatever jobs might come their way. The NTC55 enables them to tackle the jobs of two machines with just one.”

Manitowoc Cranes will display the NTC55 during CONEXPO 2017 at Booth G3348 in the Gold Lot at the Las Vegas Convention Center from March 7–11.