Liebherr Introduces Range of Machines for Lower Regulated Markets

During CONEXPO, Liebherr introduced the R920 and R924 crawler excavators as well as the L 550 wheel loader with Stage IIIA/Tier 3 engines for lower regulated markets.

R920 crawler excavator
R920 crawler excavator
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During CONEXPO 2017, Liebherr exhibited a new lineup of Liebherr machines specifically developed for lower regulated markets; the R920 and the R924 crawler excavators and the L 550 wheel loader. 

Representing the product range of crawler excavators and developed specifically for lower regulated markets are the R 920 and the R 924 with service weights between 46,300 and 54,230 lbs. configured for use in earthmoving, digging and drainage work. The concept of the new model series is based on Liebherr’s high quality standards and aims to improve reliability, as well as generate even higher productivity on construction sites – with lower fuel consumption at the same time.

These machines are Stage IIIA/Tier 3/Guo III compliant and are equipped with an energy-saving 6-cylinder engine which is the largest fuel tank in this market segment. The new series of crawler excavators operate at a very high level of efficiency in all operating conditions. In addition to the R 920 and R 924, the product range also include the R 922 model with operating weights of 22 tons and outputs of 110 kW/150 hp.

From its wheel loaders series for lower-regulated markets, Liebherr displays the L 550 which is one of the five models available in this product range. Due to its hydrostatic driveline, this machine is very fuel efficient; consuming up to 25% less fuel compared with conventional wheel loaders under the same conditions. The L 550 on display is powered by a 147 kW/200 hp diesel engine, Stage II/Tier 2/GOU III compliant. Equipped with a 4.20 yd3 (3.2-m3) bucket the wheel loader achieves a tipping load of 27,225 lbs. (12,350 kg) at an operating weight of 17,350 kg.

Overall, Liebherr manufactures five wheel loader models for lower regulated markets, the L 580, L 566, L 550 and the two all-round wheel loaders L 538 and L 524. Liebherr wheel loaders are robust machines with the high performance and the low operating costs for which Liebherr is well-known.

The combination of the hydrostatic travel drive and the special mounting position of the diesel engine enables movement of high load-weights. Hydraulic braking action of the hydrostatic driveline increases safety at work. Designed according to the company’s high quality standards, the L 550 wheel loader operates reliably – even in the toughest conditions.