Wacker Neuson Launches New Equipment at CONEXPO 2020

The new machines offer end customers improvements in performance, visibility and maintenance access.

The SW32 100 hp skid steer vertical lift arm offers a hinge-pin height of 134.8 in., which is ideal for using pallet forks and loading high-sided trucks.
The SW32 100 hp skid steer vertical lift arm offers a hinge-pin height of 134.8 in., which is ideal for using pallet forks and loading high-sided trucks.

During CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2020, Wacker Neuson introduced several new pieces of equipment. The machines offer improvements in productivity, as well as performance and maintenance access.

100 hp skid steer and compact track loader

The company has expanded its growing skid steer and compact track loader line with a selection of 100-hp models. The SW32 skid steer, and ST40 and ST50 compact track loaders bring maximum power and efficiency to the job site. These new models have been optimized to provide more working power to achieve faster cycle times when pushing or digging heavy materials. The machines are designed to provide the needed power when operating high demand hydraulic attachments, such as forestry mulchers and cold planers.

All three units are powered by a Kohler KDI 3404 turbo diesel engine that offers a maintenance-free diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) and a selective catalytic reduction (SCR) system as an exhaust aftertreatment. Wacker Neuson selected the Kohler KDI engines for all of its skid steer models because of their advanced design, power, performance, ease of maintenance and 4-year/4,000 hour engine warranty.

The SW32 skid steer offers a rated operating capacity of 3,200 lbs. and the vertical lift arm offers a hinge-pin height of 134.8 in., which is ideal for using pallet forks and loading high-sided trucks. The ST40 is a radial lift compact track loader with a hinge pin height of 128.3-in. and a rated operating capacity of 2,600 lbs. (35%) and 4,000 lbs. (50%). With the radial lift arm, the ST40 provides the horizontal reach which is ideal for loading and unloading flatbed trucks. The extra power makes digging in hard soil much easier.

The ST50, a vertical lift machine, has a hinge pin height of 136.3 in. and a rated operating capacity of 3,500 lbs. (25%) and 5,000 lbs. (50%). Offering more tractive effort, faster travel speeds and the power to easily handle hydraulic attachments, the ST50 is a workhorse on any job.

All Wacker Neuson skid steer and compact track loaders were designed, engineered and built in North America to handle tough applications and diverse terrain. All machines offer the latest cab design, service accessibility and are backed by a comprehensive warranty.

Service access on the machines is made easier by designing the cab to fully tip forward with the loader arms down, providing complete access to all maintenance components. The machines are engineered to be user-friendly with a simple, open design and efficient layout that requires less time on daily service checks and more time on the job.

The high visibility cab includes angled pedals and foot bed, as well as conveniently located switches that significantly reduce operator fatigue. Access in and out is easy with a wide door and step, plus there is no restrictive lap bar. Control options for any operator include mechanical hand-foot (SW models), electric-hydraulic (EH) hand-foot and selectable EH (ISO and H-pattern). This ensures operators with varying experience can efficiently operate the machines with ease.

4.2-ton track excavator

Wacker Neuson's new 4.2-ton excavator offers large machine features in a smaller package. The ET42 conventional track excavator suits the needs of the North American market and was designed with voice-of-customer research to assure that the performance and features offered meet the operator’s demands.

One of the main outcomes of the ET42 voice-of-customer research was the request to improve visibility for the operator. As a result, Wacker Neuson engineers revised the low profile hood design and expanded the side window glass down to the lower portion of the cab, allowing the operator to see the front of both tracks. This, combined with the large windows and the offset boom, provides a complete view of the boom and attachment, as well as the working area.

Wacker Neuson’s ET42 offers the same three-point bucket linkage that can be found on the company’s larger models. This unique kinematic linkage system offers a 200-degree angle of rotation that combines excellent breakout force with a greater range of motion. This linkage also provides greater vertical digging depth, which can be especially helpful when excavating next to walls, and can rotate the bucket further to keep the load more secure in it before dumping.

Productivity boosting options include a hydraulic quick connect system the allows an attachment to be changed in seconds without having to leave the cab, and a diverter valve on the auxiliary hydraulic line allows operators to switch between thumb and another attachment such as a hydraulic breaker, without disconnecting the hoses. The ET42 is an excellent choice when more power is needed for digging in confined areas such as utility and landscape applications.

Operator comfort and convenience were considered from top to bottom when designing the ET42. The dual flange rollers in the undercarriage improve stability when digging and provide a smoother ride with less vibration. A total of eight large tie down lugs make securing the ET42 for transportation quick and easy. The cab models feature standard air-conditioning, but operators will appreciate the unique four-position windshield design that allows for fresh air and easy communication. The unit also includes a cell phone charger and holder, air-cushioned seat and adjustable arm rest. The floor is ergonomically designed so the operator’s feet rest at a comfortable angle. The controls are all conveniently located, including an electronic ISO/SAE changeover switch right within the operator’s reach. Additionally, the 3.5-in. color display provides all the information the operator needs in a clear, easy-to-read display.

The ET42 is available in cab or canopy models with LED working lights and an optional angle blade or Wacker Neuson’s exclusive, redesigned Vertical Digging System (VDS).

Expanded articulated wheel loader lineup

In 2019, Wacker Neuson introduced its largest articulated wheel loader model, the WL95, and has additional models planned for later in 2020. The WL95 offers a high level of performance and payload in a compact design, allowing operators to load, move and place material more efficiently.

The WL95’s variable hydrostatic transmission provides excellent traction and high travel speeds (12.4 mph). With a standard 2-cu. yd. bucket and straight bucket tipping load up to 14,394 lbs., the WL95 is capable of moving greater material loads quickly. The compact design, for a loader this size, enables a tight turning radius and generous steering angle. The articulated joint and a pendulum axle at the rear of the machine ensures optimum maneuverability and traction in any situation. The WL95 offers return-to-dig function, ride control and a reversing fan as standard, ensuring optimum productivity.

The Wacker Neuson WL95 offers ergonomic and operator comfort features. Operators can work all day in this large cab with plenty of legroom, a comfortable seat and a clear view of attachments. The console features a multi-functional joystick and a jog dial for easy adjustment of the hydraulic flow rate to the attachment. The fully glazed cab provides excellent visibility and air conditioning offers a comfortable, fatigue free work environment. The easy to view, 7-in. color display keeps the operator informed of all the machine’s functions.

The WL95 is powered by a 136 hp Deutz 3.61 engine with a DOC and SCR aftertreatment system, providing a standard auxiliary hydraulic flow of 31 gpm. Daily and regular service access is made easy with an accessible wide opening engine hood and removable fenders which allow for easy reach to hydraulic and electrical components.

Wacker Neuson will add a telescopic version of the WL95 later in 2020. The WL95T will offer the same features as the WL95, but includes telescopic boom reach of 17 ft. 10 in. With an increased weight, tipping load, lift and reach, this machine will offer benefits not easily found other machines in the marketplace.

Also in 2020, Wacker Neuson will introduce the even larger, WL110 articulated wheel loader. This workhorse, will feature a 156 hp Deutz engine, a 2.4 cu. yd. bucket and increased high payload capacity, offering an excellent machine for applications such as in recycling operations.

New triple boom configurations available

Wacker Neuson is now offering a triple boom configuration on select models of its excavator line. The mobile excavators, EW65 and EW100, will feature a standard triple boom while the ET90 tracked model will offer it as an optional configuration. While triple booms are more common on larger excavators and in Europe, compact models such as the 6.5-ton EW65 are more unique to the U.S. and Canadian marketplace.

The articulated triple boom offers increased digging area of 20% on the EW65 and 25% on the EW100, through an extended digging range, allowing the operator to reach farther, dig closer to the blade and reach under the machine when needed. Wacker Neuson’s EW65 and EW100 mobile excavators are most commonly used to dig along roadways and in confined areas. This ability to dig closer to the machine provides more flexibility and reduces the amount of time needed to reposition the machine.

The dozer blade has been repositioned to the forward position of the machine, adding convenience and control for operator who utilizes the blade to assist with filling the bucket in a dust panning motion. The teeth of the bucket can actually dig under the machine and then can extend out further to dump material into a truck without repositioning. This is particularly beneficial when performing utility and sewer work on narrow roads, up against curbs or barriers and in other confined areas, such as cemetery and golf course work. Additionally, the flexibility of the triple boom increases lifting capacity when the boom is drawn close to the machine at ground level, and it is beneficial when lifting and placing pipe and setting concrete barriers.

Wacker Neuson’s EW65 and EW100 are compact wheeled excavators that offer efficient mobility around or to-and-from the job site. They can save contractors time and money by eliminating the time consuming process of loading and securing the machine for a short transport. The triple boom has the ability to fold in tighter to the machine which provides an improved line of sight in the transport position, especially through urban intersections. Triple boom mobile excavators are equipped with a heated air-ride seat and radio for operator comfort as well as beacons and DOT lights for safety.

Wacker Neuson’s 9-ton, ET90 compact tracked excavator can also be configured with an optional triple boom, with the same benefits realized on the mobile excavators. Wacker Neuson’s triple boom design has been proven on job sites across Europe and is now available in North America.