KDI 3404

Kohler Engines introduced its Tier 4 Final/Stage IV KDI 3404 engine at EIMA 2014.

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Kohler Engines has announced the addition of the KDI 3404 to its KDI product line.

  • Features high power density, low fuel consumption and smooth yet uniform delivery of power throughout the entire RPM range
  • Available in two models and four power ratings
  • Complies with Tier 4 Final/Stage IV emissions regulations within the 56 to 100 kW power range
  • Able to meet emissions regulations without the use of a diesel particulate filter (DPF)
  • Utilizes advanced technologies such as a high-pressure (2,000 bar) common rail injection system and an electronically controlled EGR valve for recirculating exhaust gases
  • Four valves per cylinder allow for more efficient combustion while reducing fuel consumption and delivering levels of power equivalent to engines with larger displacements
  • Available in two four-cylinder models with a displacement of 3.4 liters
  • KDI 3404TCR (Turbo Common Rail) is rated at 56.4 kW and compliant to Tier 4 Final/Stage IIIB standards
  • KDI 3404TCR-SCR (Turbo Common Rail with SCR) is rated at 100 kW and compliant to Tier 4 Final/Stage IV standards, and is also available in power ratings of 75 kW and 90 kW
  • Optimized for performance, load capacity, sturdiness and low levels of noise and vibration
  • Provides compact size and ease of adaptation for diverse applications
  • Features power density of 30 kW/l
  • Torque and power values increase productivity of machines up to 15% while lowering fuel consumption up to 10% 
  • Sophisticated electronic control system guarantees smooth, immediate response and the lowest possible levels of noise and vibration
  • Common Rail injection system combined with G3S solenoid-type injectors offer precise metering of fuel during injection
  • Electronically controlled EGR valve is included for recirculating the right amount of exhaust gasses that are liquid-cooled by a water/air heat exchanger
  • EGR system consists of two cooling stages that optimize heat exchange without increasing external dimensions
  • EGR is installed on the hot side, preventing the EGR valve from seizing
  • Valve train incorporates architecture with four valves per cylinder that houses injector in a perfectly vertical position and in the very center of the combustion chamber, ensuring the cylinder is filled with the exact amount of fuel, which is atomized and mixed with air in the best way possible
  • "Bedplate" architecture (crankcase + bedplate) for the engine block and the (optional) counter-rotating shafts help provide more comfortable operation with minimum levels of noise and vibration
  • Narrow profile minimizes steering radius for better handling, particularly useful in agricultural applications
  • Includes four PTOs, with two additional PTOs at the sides (SAE A and SAE B)
  • PTOs supplement the main and secondary take-offs designed and positioned to draw the greatest amount of power from the engine
  • Features maintenance intervals of no less than 500 hours




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