New DOE Webinar Discusses Results of Research on Developing Biofuels

The Department of Energy's latest webinar will showcase the results of a recent workshop on developing conversion technologies for advanced biofuels.

The U.S. Department of Energy will be hosting a webinar Thursday, February 9, from 2:30 to 5:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time, titled "Conversion Technologies for Advanced Biofuels Workshop (CTAB) Report Out." During the webinar, DOE biofuels experts will discuss the outcomes of a recent workshop, which helped lay out a plan, or roadmap, for technology development for producing advanced hydrocarbon biofuels from cellulose. Slated for publication in late 2012, the new technology roadmap will examine the technical challenges that must be overcome to commercially develop interchangeable, "drop-in" replacements for gasoline, diesel and jet fuel made from biomass.

Please reserve your webinar spot, and visit the CTAB website for more information and to download presentations from the December workshop.

In addition to identifying key research and development activities for conversion technologies, the webinar will address feedstock supply and logistics, analysis needs and infrastructure requirements. Other innovative technologies profiled in special sessions of the workshop will also be documented in the webinar, including topics such as lignin use, hybrid processing and separations.

Attendees are invited to submit questions in advance of the event or during the presentation. Questions can be directed to [email protected] via email. DOE staff will provide answers to questions during and after the webinar, as time allows.