Artisan Vehicle Systems Develops Prototype Hybrid-Electric Powertrain System

Artisan Vehicle Systems' Powertrain2400 hybrid-electric powertrain system uses battery power to provide zero-emission operation.

Artisan Vehicle Systems

Artisan Vehicle Systems has designed a hybrid-electric powertrain system for Class 8 trucks as a means of replacing diesel fuel. The system includes a series of specially designed battery cells and a Capstone microturbine - used to generate electricity and recharge the batteries - to send energy directly to the vehicle's transmission.

Artisan says the system provides the same level of performance as a standard diesel, but produces zero emissions.

Known as the Powertrain2400, the hybrid-electric system is designed to be a direct replacement for conventional diesel powertrains used in Class 8 trucks. It bolts directly to the stock transmission, and is durably designed for use in harsh operating conditions.  

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