Valtra introduces updated S Series tractors featuring Stage IV engine

The updated S Series tractors from Valtra include an AGCO Power engine which meets Stage IV emissions regulations.

N4 F4188

Valtra’s reliable S Series has been updated with a new fourth generation look, increased power and new features. The S Series is powered by an AGCO Power 8.4-liter engine that complies with Stage 4 emissions standards yet produces up to 400 horsepower and 1,650 Nm of torque with boost. The engine has twin turbos, one of which has an electronically adjustable wastegate. Thanks to the new turbos, the engine offers superb torque at low rpm. At the same time the temperature of the exhaust gases is reduced, which further improves engine reliability and lowers emissions. Featuring selective catalytic reduction (SCR) and the Sisu Tronic engine management system, the engine is very fuel efficient. Exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) is also utilized to ensure compliance with the Stage 4 emissions standard, but the AGCO Power solution does not require additional particulate filters. The emissions are cleaned by a combination of urea and catalytic converters, so the system is maintenance free.

The new S Series combines market-leading transmission and engine technology that are designed to take on the toughest tasks. The stepless AGCO variable transmission (AVT) is very reliable and is controlled ergonomically from the Valtra ARM driver’s armrest. The driver can select from two driving modes to optimize work productivity and fuel consumption. The linkages are integrated with the frame and can carry 12 tonnes of implements at the rear and 5 tonnes at the front. The hydraulics produce 175 liters per minute through a maximum of six valves. The fuel efficient engine and powerful hydraulics can generate savings worth tens of thousands of euros per year.

The features and equipment on the S Series have been further developed together with customers. Valtra’s TwinTrac reverse-drive system enables efficient working in reverse, for example for mowing, crushing and chipping. Working in reverse is generally very efficient thanks to the excellent visibility, more powerful rear linkage and enhanced agility. For example, mowing in reverse consumes around 10% less fuel and time than working in the forward direction, and it also reduces the amount of stressful neck and back twisting. The comfort of the S Series is crowned by AutoComfort cab suspension, which automatically adjusts the suspension according to the conditions.

Valtra’s new S Series can naturally be specified with state-of-the-art farming technology, such as the AutoGuide 3000 steering assist system and AgCommand telemetry. The U-Pilot headland management system and Isobus readiness for implements come as standard.

The reliability of Valtra tractors is backed up by the services offered by both Valtra and its dealers, such as a fast spare parts service, expert service, competitive financing and even remote monitoring as enabled by AgCommand. With the support of our parent company AGCO, AGCO Parts, AGCO Academy, AGCO Finance and local Valtra dealers help ensure that all S Series tractors operate reliably around the clock, every day of the year, even in the toughest conditions. The Valtra S Series is available in Europe, South America, Africa and Russia.

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