Case IH enters telescopic loader market with Farmlift Series

Case IH has entered the telescopic loader market with the development of the Farmlift Series, which was on display at Agritechnica 2013.

1 Farmlift Telescopic Loader
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Agritechnica 2013 marked the entry of Case IH into the telescopic loader market, with a product range that meets the varied needs of the broad range of agricultural enterprises by combining compact dimensions, powerful engines and hydraulics, and multi-functional capabilities. 

The new Case IH Farmlift Series comprises six models, from the agile Farmlift 525, designed especially for use in low buildings and livestock housing, to the powerful Farmlift 935, which handles high and heavy lifting work with ease. Power outputs span 74 hp (Farmlift 525) to 143 hp (Farmlift 635 and 742), and maximum lift heights range from 5.7 to 9.6 meters.

For professional animal husbandry and specialty crop production 

The compact and economical entry-level Farmlift 525 model has been designed to meet the particular materials handling requirements of livestock farms and others who require a machine to work in confined areas, such as specialty crop producers and processors –  fruit or wine producers, for example – as an alternative to a tractor  with front loader. 

The Farmlift 525 has maximum lift capacity/loading height figures of 2.5 tonnes and 5.7 meters. Its low overall height of under two metres makes it particularly well-suited to working under cover, while the machine’s compact design, with a wheelbase of only 2.35 meters, give the 525 an extremely small turning radius of just 3.40 meters, also making it ideal for use within buildings. 

For jobs that require high loading capacity and lifting heights 

For farmers and contractors who require more capacity and reach, Case IH offers a range of larger Farmlift models, with five machines that can be matched to the particular needs of the customer’s enterprise. They range from the 110 hp/121 hp max Farmlift 632, which can lift a maximum 3.2 tonnes up to 6.1 meters, to the Farmlift 935, with comparable figures of 3.5 tonnes and 9.6 meters lift height. The Farmlift 632-935 models are powered by the latest high-torque FPT NEF 4 engines, which meet EURO IIIB emissions standards. They also benefit from the proven Case IH Efficient Power system, based around selective catalytic reduction (SCR) technology to reduce both emissions and fuel use. 

Smooth and fast loading 

Case IH Farmlifts benefit from the most modern transmission technology, ensuring not only that they are rapid on the road, but also that they have the full force needed for high-output loading tasks. For the 632 and 935 models a 4x3 powershift and for the 635 and 742 models a 6x3 powershift with autoshift-function are available, allowing for a maximum  travel speed of 40 km/h. With the autoshift-function, gears four to six are shifted automatically and comfortably and thus adapted to the respective speed. 

The very best view 

All Farmlift models are equipped with comfortable, spacious, fully-glazed accommodation offering optimum visibility, particularly to the upper working area. Operators familiar with Case IH tractor cabs will feel at home in the comfortable, ergonomic workplace created for the Farmlifts, and will be refreshed through long working days by an effective ventilation system with optional air conditioning. All essential functions, such as boom operation and directional and gear changing, are placed at the driver’s fingertips via the machine’s joystick. 

The smoothest hydraulic operation 

As standard, Case IH Farmlifts have a hydraulic flow capacity of up to 120 L/min, while models 635 and 742 feature a variable displacement pump with a capacity of 140 L/min. Load sensing valves provide precise and proportional control of all functions. 

Full hydraulic flow is available at low engine speeds, which also ensures that fuel use is minimized. The telescopic boom features a new double-U frame design, low-maintenance telescopic section and well thought-out hose guide, for safe, efficiency and ease of use. The lateral guide frame is designed rigid and ensures safe operation of the boom’s telescopic function. With a tilt angle of up to 145 degrees on Farmlift models 635 and 742, the robust head-stock ensures safe and secure mounting of a wide range of attachments. 

Secure loads and high stability 

The newly developed chassis design provides a low center of gravity and optimum weight distribution, no matter what the job in hand. The special design of the telescopic boom means extreme forces can be easily absorbed, while despite its low center of gravity, the machine still has a high ground clearance. Optimal weight distribution between front and rear axles provides excellent traction and optimum handling in the field.

Low compaction, maximum traction 

All Farmlift models are equipped with four-wheel drive, while three different steering modes can be selected for excellent maneuvrability and a tight turning circle in the field, on the road or in the yard.