Valtra adds four-cylinder option to N Series tractors

Valtra has expanded its N Series of tractors with the addition of the four cylinder N103.4 model featuring the company's HiTrol turbine clutch for smooth starts.

N4 F5289

Valtra has expanded the N Series with the introduction of new models in response to customer demand. The N103.4 brings a four-cylinder alternative to the lower end of the model lineup alongside the extremely popular and compact N103 model. The bigger N103.4 is an excellent front-loader tractor that offers a wide range of equipment and features. The AGCO power 4.4-liter SCR engine has excellent low-end torque and is extremely fuel efficient. The maximum output of both models is the same, 111 hp.

The N103.4 is available with a three-step HiTech transmission or a five-step HiTech5 transmission. Also available on the new model, as on the N113 and N123, is the HiTrol turbine clutch, which enables smooth starts and is easy on the transmission. HiTrol is also now available on three-cylinder N93 and N103 models. This unique Valtra feature further enhances the front-loader capabilities of the N Series.

The selection of Versu and Direct models has also been expanded to include lower horsepower models in the N Series with the introduction of the N123 Versu and N123 Direct. The most powerful and extensive load-sensing hydraulics in this class of tractors (115 or 160 L/min), with separate oils as preferred by contractors, as well as the stepless Direct and highly automated Versu transmissions enable the smaller N Series models to be used in new ways.

The N123 Versu and Direct models can be specified with the same equipment and features as larger N Series tractors, such as the TwinTrac reverse-drive system, the high-visibility SVC cab, a factory-fitted front loader, the AutoGuide 3000 steering assist system, and forest equipment, including a forest cab, forest tires and a steel fuel tank. At the top of the range is the N163, which offers up to 171 hp and 700 Nm of torque with boost.

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