Volvo Trucks showcases CNG and DME trucks at ACT Expo

During ACT Expo 2014, Volvo Trucks displayed its trucks powered by compressed natural gas and dimethyl either.

CNG Volvo VNL daycab
CNG Volvo VNL daycab
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Volvo Trucks showcased a compressed natural gas (CNG)-powered Volvo VNL daycab and a prototype dimethyl ether (DME)-powered VNL daycab in booth No. 1633 at the 2014 Alternative Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo, North America's largest alternative fuel and clean vehicle technology conference. The CNG- and DME-powered vehicles are a sampling of Volvo Trucks’ “Blue Power” natural gas strategy for North America.
Volvo currently offers CNG and liquefied natural gas (LNG)-powered versions of its VNM daycab and VNL sleeper and daycab models powered by spark-ignited gas engines. Volvo continues to work toward commercialization of DME-powered trucks for the North American market. The fuel mirrors the exceptional performance qualities and energy efficiency of diesel and burns clean without producing any soot. Volvo is also developing North America’s first fully integrated natural gas solution, a compression ignition engine that utilizes LNG.
“The trucks we’re showcasing highlight our comprehensive alternative fuels strategy for North America,” says Frank Bio, Volvo Trucks Director of Sales Development, Specialty Vehicles & Alternative Fuels. “Interest in natural gas-powered trucks continues to grow, and we’re working to address demand from all segments of the market. We’re also enthused about the potential of DME, which has proven to be an excellent fuel for heavy-duty trucks.”
Bio took part in a moderated discussion among heavy-duty manufacturers during a May 6 breakout session titled Heavy-Duty Natural Gas Trucks: A Reality Check. He also participated in the May 6 plenary session titled OEM Strategies for Heavy-Duty and Light-Duty NGVs. Dennis Slagle, Head of Commercial Operations for the Volvo Group’s truck brands in the Americas, also delivered a keynote address May 6.