SolarPulse SP-24-6 Battery Charger and Monitor

735x406 Hr 10633022

PulseTech Products Corporation introduces the SolarPulse SP-24-6, a military tested, solar panel system solution to charge and maintain vehicles and equipment left outdoors in long-term storage.

  • Charges, maintains and de-sulfates all types of generators and vehicles with a 24V lead acid battery system including Standard, AGM and Gel types
  • Entirely automatic battery conditioning and charge/maintenance system when mounted on a vehicle or equipment
  • Combines high frequency Pulse Technology with microprocessor controlled intelligent charging algorithms to charge, condition and maintain vehicle and equipment batteries
  • Extends battery performance and useful life up to five times
  • Features polyurethane encapsulated solar panel mounted on a solid aluminum back plate
  • Uses single-crystalline silicon photovoltaic cells
  • Includes waterproofing
  • Measures 9 in. x 11 in. x 0.125 in. and offers flexible mounting options (including a portable slant option to allow for optimum solar efficiency)
  • LED indicators provide easy-to-understand status functions
  • Durable design provides ability to outlast vehicle initially used on 
  • Can be re-installed on another vehicle 


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