CNH Brands Win Good Design Awards

The annual award honors new directions and innovation in design and manufacturing.

The CASE electric backhoe loader is designed to provide the same performance as a diesel-powered machine.
The CASE electric backhoe loader is designed to provide the same performance as a diesel-powered machine.
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CNH Industrial has announced that several of its brands have received a 2020 Good Design Award. According to CNH,  the awards recognize products and concepts from the four brands that were judged to be outstanding examples in their respective fields. 

The winning products and brands included: 

  • STEYR Konzept Tractor,
  • New Holland BigBaler 1290 High Density,
  • CASE ‘Project Zeus’ concept electric backhoe loader and
  • FPT Industrial concept Cursor X engine.

The Good Design Awards were established in 1950 in Chicago by designers Eero Saarinen and Charles and Ray Eames. It aims to recognize innovative and cutting-edge industrial, product and graphic designs from around the globe. Winners are selected based on quality design of the highest form, function and aesthetics beyond the ordinary. 

Judging for the 2020 awards was held in November; there were a record number of entries from over 900 manufacturers and designers. Entries were submitted from all over the world and represent a wide range of sectors. 

STEYR Konzept Tractor

The STEYR Konzept Tractor was developed in conjunction with sister brand FPT Industrial with the goal of using various innovative technologies to help solve critical challenges in the agriculture industry. CNH said design demonstrates the possible direction the industry could take when it comes to creating environmentally friendly, efficient and functional but stylish tractor designs. 

"The futuristic lines of the Konzept’s external styling recognize the importance in agricultural machinery of both trusted brand heritage and forward-thinking design," said David Wilkie, Head of the CNH Industrial Design team that together with CNH's Innovation team, created this design concept, in the company's press release about the achievement.

"At the same time, the white external cab frame and asymmetric grille recall STEYR’s long history as a stylish high-end tractor brand. Our ultimate aim, though, was to create striking elements of style that, when combined with the designs of our engineers, also bring practical benefits in areas ranging from performance to visibility to sustainability."

Design features include cab-mounted cameras to enhance visibility for tractor operators as well as the use of projection technology and a head-up display in the cab for further visibility enhancements. CNH said the goal is to create a digital farm office that can be monitored and controlled from the driver's seat. 

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The drivetrain of the tractor features a modular hybrid electric drive combining a conventional diesel engine with a generator and individual electric wheel motors. According to CNH, this provides the tractor with a more compact and efficient design and enables the use of different power sources depending on the application. The tractor can be powered by the engine or the engine-driven generator, or even from a conventional plug supply the company said which enables the capture, storage and reuse of energy. With these options, there is the potential for zero noise and emissions operation.

"Within the external styling of the Konzept study created by our design team, our engineers have been able to re-examine how comfort, efficiency and sustainability can be combined in a tractor, and to show the full potential of technologies under development," noted Peter Friis, STEYR Head of Commercial Operations in Europe, in CNH's press release about the award.

"To have its merits acknowledged with this ‘Good Design’ award is something of which we are very proud."

STEYR's concept tractor received the award for its striking design and inclusion of forward-thinking technology such as the hybrid power system and head-up display. 

The STEYR Konzept Tractor features a minimalist cabin interior and forward-thinking technology to enhance farming operations.The STEYR Konzept Tractor features a minimalist cabin interior and forward-thinking technology to enhance farming operations.CNH Industrial

New Holland BigBaler 1290 High Density

The New Holland BigBaler 1290 High Density was designed with efficiency and productivity in mind. It is capable of producing bales of up to 22% higher density than conventional large square balers, the company says. This helps to increase transport and bale handling efficiency for farmers. 

Patented Loop Master knotting technology provides solid tying of the bale and eliminates twine offcuts, helping protect the environment and forage. A loop-style second knot enables the system to eliminate over 6 km or 46 kg of twine offcuts during an average 10,000-bale season says New Holland. 

Additional features of the baler include the use of a SmartShift gearbox which is designed to provide soft start up to improve operator comfort and reduce wear on the tractor's driveline. A large in-cab display enables operators to stay informed of their operations while automation technologies adjust tractor speed in relation to crop throughput, helping improve operator comfort and productivity even further. 

"We are honored to receive this prestigious award, which recognizes New Holland’s ability to put innovation at the service of its customers, always pushing the boundaries of productivity and efficiency. The BigBaler 1290 High Density is a winning example of how the collaboration between the CNH Industrial Design Team and our Product Engineering Teams enable New Holland to keep raising the bar on performance to the advantages of our customers. I would like to thank the design teams who developed this exceptional product and our manufacturing team at our Center of Harvesting Excellence in Zedelgem," said Carlo Lambro, New Holland Brand President, in the company's press release announcing the award. 

Wilkie added, "The design vision for the BigBaler 1290 High Density stems from nature, inspired by the flowing lines of crops as they sway in the fields. It incorporates the natural flow vision denoted by its sinuous, sleek lines that encapsulate the functionality of the machine and enhance the efficiency of the machine’s components."

The New Holland BigBaler 1290 High Density is capable of producing bales of up to 22% higher density than conventional large square balers.The New Holland BigBaler 1290 High Density is capable of producing bales of up to 22% higher density than conventional large square balers.CNH Industrial

CASE Project Zeus electric backhoe loader concept

CASE Construction Equipment unveiled its electric backhoe loader concept at CONEXPO 2020. The machine is powered by a 480V, 90 kWh lithium-ion battery pack and offers performance equivalent to diesel-powered backhoes in CASE's product line. 

According to the company's press release about it receiving the award, the electric backhoe was honored for its style which matches that of the brand's heritage while also providing a clean, modern design. It was also recognized for the machine's lighting/backlighting design, specialized color scheme, and the modern yet intuitive operator experience within the cab of the vehicle. 

"The theme is born from combining the essence of CASE heritage and the mission of sustainability into a clean and simple design," said Wilkie in the company's press release about winning the award. "It is extremely practical and built around function while delivering distinctive design elements that communicate strength and progress. From the lighting to the color and the way that the operator interacts with the machine. 'Project Zeus' represents the sustainability and forward-thinking of our industry."

"The electrification of construction equipment, and the focus on sustainable power sources and machine ownership/operation, are all driving forces for public and private fleet owners around the world," said Leandro Lecheta, head of construction — North America, CNH Industrial. "The CASE 580 EV accomplishes this through the elimination of emissions, diesel and other fluids and components, while also delivering a machine design anchored in trusted CASE backhoe performance — and our CNH Industrial Design Center tied it all together with a clean, modern aesthetic that stopped people in their tracks when we introduced the machine at CONEXPO 2020."

A 480V, 90 kWh lithium-ion battery pack provides a full 8-hour day of operation.A 480V, 90 kWh lithium-ion battery pack provides a full 8-hour day of operation.CNH Industrial

FPT Industrial Cursor X Engine Concept

The Cursor X is FPT Industrial's concept for the future of powertrains. As the company describes it, Cursor X is a Multi-power, Modular, Multi-application and Mindful power source for various types of heavy equipment. 

This four M philosophy exemplifies the features of the engine concept which include it being able to operate using various types of fuel sources and customization to various applications. 

"We take an enormous pride in receiving the 2020 Good Design Award,” said Wilkie in the company's press release about the award. "Designing a concept engine is really something special. It is completely reimagining the engine as we know it. Creating a clean robotic appearance that reflects the technology within. A wireless approach inspired by connectivity and how it can be applied to engine management. Beautiful yet functional. The award is a testament to the conceptual work done and to our ‘Leonardesque’ commitment to realizing innovative, ideas to illuminate our future. With Cursor X we can tune the powertrain solution to achieve a unique set-up for each mission, each vehicle, each machine. Thanks to its modular approach, the Cursor X is ready to become the protagonist in every mission, inspiring the next era.”"

"We are all more than happy that the 2020 Good Design Award jury recognized our unique engine concept 'designed for Planet Earth,'" stated Egle Panzella, Brand Equity, Sustainability, and Heritage manager of FPT Industrial. "In the future we can imagine engine be part of the external body of the vehicle and it should be beautiful, not only performing. Cursor X is a new powertrain unit, capable of using any available and above all sustainable energy source. Cursor X can run on full Battery Electric. It can also be a Natural Gas Plug-in Hybrid powertrain and with the Hydrogen Fuel Cell you have 800 km autonomy for long haul heavy-duty missions."

FPT's Cursor X Concept can be adapted to the fuel that makes the most sense for an application.FPT's Cursor X Concept can be adapted to the fuel that makes the most sense for an application.CNH Industrial