Design & Engineering Insights: Oilgear Sees Remote Connectivity as Opportunity for Heavy Equipment Industry

Remote work and connectivity capabilities are helping to increase business communications and productivity, and may be a means of attracting new talent to the industry.

Naimesh Dave, President of Oilgear, says that while there have been challenges presented by the COVID-19 global health crisis, there have been positive opportunities as well. For instance, people are becoming more comfortable with remote work and meetings which has helped to improve productivity in many cases. Dave says Oilgear has actually been able to increase the amount of meetings it might otherwise have with customers because travel is not a factor.

He notes remote work capabilities will be an important factor in helping attract future generations to the industry. Attracting talent has always been a challenge, and may now be accelerated because of COVID. But if companies, and the industry as a whole, is willing to adapt and increase the amount of technology it uses such as IoT and automation to get work done there could be opportunities to attract younger talent that is interested in utilizing more cutting-edge technology. 

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