Design & Engineering Insights: Topcon Says Digitization will Transform the Agricultural Equipment Industry

More use of data and smart systems will help farmers improve their operations and better enable them to feed the ever-growing global population.

Michael Gomes, Vice President of Business Development, Topcon Agriculture, says farmers are recognizing the value of data layers from equipment and benefits of remote connectivity. As such, they are becoming more familiar with the data equipment can collect and how to use that data to improve their workflows. Gomes says this will help increase the uptake and development of digital technologies. 

He says data is here to stay, and will play an integral part in the transformation of the agricultural and other off-road equipment industries. It will enable systems and machines to become smarter and aid with automation. 

With the increased use of data and the systems which collect and use it comes the need to ensure broadband connectivity in rural locations, which continues to be an area of concern for many. Because of this, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) created the Task Force for Reviewing the Connectivity and Technology Needs of Precision Agriculture in the U.S. And in early 2020, multiple industry sectors formed the American Connection Project Broadband Coalition, led by Land O’Lakes. Topcon has been a part of both initiatives to help customers get the broadband connections they need to utilize tools to improve their productivity and help feed the world.