New Holland Methane Power Tractor Increases Sustainability of Vineyard Operations

The tractor is powered by an FPT natural gas engine capable of using biomethane, allowing a reduction of emissions during the wine grape harvesting process.

In the latest episode of CNH Industrial's Behind the Wheel series, the company provides a look at how the New Holland Agriculture Methane Power tractor concept is currently being employed at a vineyard in Italy. The tractor is a recent winner of the Tractor of the Year award in the sustainability category.

The tractor is powered by an FPT Industrial natural gas engine fueled by biomethane which enables the vineyard to reduce its emissions.

By using the methane fueled tractor, the Fontanafredda organic vineyard in northern Italy is working to produce the world’s first zero-emission Barolo wine. Fontanafredda’s mission is to create an emissions-free wine making process from start to finish. 

The prototype of the tractor being employed at the vineyard was specially designed for Fontanafredda, and is based on the New Holland Agriculture crawler vineyard tractor. Its FPT Industrial F28 Natural Gas engine is powered by natural gas produced by the anaerobic digestion of agricultural waste, promoting a circular economy.