Spicer Pro-40 Tandem Drive Axles

Dana's Spicer Pro-40 tandem drive axles are designed to provide fleets with reduced weight and reliability.

Dst40 Color 10281662
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Dana Holding Corporation has introduced a family of heavy-duty 40,000-pound tandem drive axles. The Spicer Pro-40 axle is designed to offer fleets a reliable, lightweight, and competitively priced alternative to current available axles for linehaul, bulk, regional and city delivery vehicles.

  • Offers weight reduction and improved power density,
  • Enables customers to increase payload, improve fuel economy, and ultimately improve bottom line
  • Features weight reduction of 120 pounds compared to nearest competitive axle, and 100 pounds lighter than current Dana Spicer DS404
  • Available in popular range of ratios (3.25 to 3.90)
  • For use on commercial trucks with nine-, 10-, 12-, or 13-speed overdrive transmissions and diesel engines up to 475-horsepower and 1750 lb-ft. of torque
  • Also works with trucks featuring Gross Combination Weight Ratings up to 80,000 pounds
  • Compliments 2-inch outset wheels with optional 11 mm wall housing
  • Delivers all required features without added weight to fleets with predictable duty-cycles
  • Works with Spicer SelecTTrac housing option to optimize use of wide-base tires
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