Allison Transmission eGen Power 100S and 130D e-Axles

The eGen Power 100S and 130D electric axles are designed to easily integrate into existing chassis configurations.

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Allison Transmission
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Allison Transmission has added the eGen Power 100S and 130D e-Axles to its portfolio of fully-electric propulsion solutions.

  • Simple to install and easily integrates into existing truck chassis
  • Designed to be 100% maintenance free for the life of the vehicle

eGen Power 100S e-Axles

  • Uses a single motor to generate 212 kW (284.3 hp) of continuous power, with peak power of 324 kW (434.5 hp) and 23,500 Nm (17,332.7 lb.-ft.) of torque at the wheels
  • Leverages core components from eGen Power 100D e-Axles such as the motor, inverter and shifting mechanism
  • Can be used in both 4x2 and 6x4 configurations
  • Offers a 10.4 tonne gross axle weight rating
  • Features a two-speed parallel axis gear architecture, efficiently meeting application launch and highway cruise demands, while maximizing energy recovery through 100% regenerative braking capability
  • Serves school bus, medium- and heavy-duty tractor and straight truck 6x2 and 6x4 applications, including refuse

eGen Power 130D e-Axles

  • Dual motor variant of the eGen Power 100D specifically designed for the European and Asia Pacific markets where many commercial vehicles require a heavier 13 tonne gross axle weight rating
  • Maintains same core components, performance, and differentiated value as eGen Power 100D, including the power ratings, but with increased axle weight rating capability
  • Features two electric motors, each capable of generating greater than 200 kW (268.2 hp) of continuous power with peak combined power of 648 kW (869 hp)
  • Includes two-speed gearbox within the central housing, enabling high torque

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