Spicer LMSi Hub System

Dana has improved the design of its LMS hub system with the LMSi to offer more reliability and ease of maintenance.

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Dana Holding Corporation has announced the introduction of a hub system that offers original-equipment and end-user customers value and complexity savings while significantly improving driveline reliability and maintenance time. The Spicer LMSi incorporates Dana's LMS (Low Maintenance System) technology and updated integrated features that further enhance end-user and OEM savings and convenience.

  • Provides improved retention clamp load for more reliable performance
  • Reduces disassembly and installation times by up to five minutes and enhances ease of removal 
  • Supports a more eco-friendly position through better control of contaminates during removal and efficient seal technology
  • Seal technology provides reduced friction for minimized rolling resistance, improved fuel efficiency and a reduction of heat to maximize seal life
  • Uses a standard robust aluminum hub for a 20 pound per hub weight advantage
  • Works with tandem drive axles from 38,000 to 40,000 lbs. when using 2-inch outset wheels with wide-base tires
  • Design extends user service intervals to 500,000 miles
  • Available for a wide range of axle capacities for both steer and drive axles
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