MT-D 3000 Articulated Dump Truck Axles

The MT-D 3000 axles from ZF are designed to provide a high level of loading capability and performance to articulated dump trucks.

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The latest generation of ZF Articulated Dump Truck (ADT) axles, the MT-D 3000, offer a high level of loading capability and performance.

  • Specially developed for total vehicle weights from 22 to 82 tons, covering engine power ranges from 90 kW to 400 kW
  • Multi-part axle housing offers advantage of high installation versatility, enabling relative freedom in planning vehicle architecture
  • Allows mounting of damper components directly, eliminating need to fit additional mounting plates, thereby saving weight and costs
  • HASR multidisc locking differential combines all the advantages of an open and a closed differential
  • Open differential produces lower frictional losses, saving fuel and reducing tire wear
  • Differential can be locked as required to achieve the greatest traction possible, enhancing driver's flexibility on any ground conditions and safety
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