Bezares Electric Motor Driven Actuator for PTOs

Bezares' electric motor driven PTO actuator uses a small electric motor to rotate the drive rod in place of a synchronizer.

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Bezares has designed and developed an electric motor driven PTO actuator.

  • Allows more accurate connections than solenoid-based systems
  • Well suited for tippers, cranes, tow trucks, etc.
  • Small electric motor is responsible for rotating the drive rod which, being equipped with a propeller, internally displaces the synchronizer activating the PTO
  • Includes easy synchronizing system to ensure activation is performed
  • Can be used with automatic gearboxes
  • Ensures long lifespan by allowing fork attachment without having to turn on the motor
  • Available for universal 6 hole PTOs (IVECO, NISSAN, ZF) and will soon be available for most PTOs used in small vehicles (ISUZU, TOYOTA, HINO, etc.)



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