MHXX Series Hollow-shaft, Large-bore, Magnetic Rotary Encoders

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For high resolution, high dynamic measurement of position, speed and velocity, Baumer introduces the MHXX Series of hollow-shaft, large-bore, magnetic rotary encoders.

  • Contain no bearings
  • IP67 rated housing and fully encapsulated read head electronics allow long-term, reliable performance in high shock and vibration environments
  • Operate efficiently from -40 to 100 C
  • Compact, featuring very thin rotors and read heads that adapt easily to the axis of rotation
  • Specifically designed for use on shafts from 20 to 740 mm
  • Encoder disk may be mounted using set-crews, clamping rings, or clamping fixtures
  • Withstand vibration to 30g and shock to 300g
  • Available with incremental or sine-cosine outputs; certain models available with an additional absolute output track up to 17 bits
  • ±3 mm permissible axial displacement
  • 0.1 to 2.2 mm permissible air gap tolerance
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