Telene DCPD Polymer Compound

Zeon Chemical's Telene DCPD is a polymer compound processed using RIM and provides manufacturers with a fast and environmentally-friendly means of developing a series of parts.

Telene DCPD from Zeon Chemical is a polymer compound processed using Reaction Injection Molding (RIM) equipment that gives manufacturers a fast, efficient, environmentally sensible way to develop a series of small- to medium-sized parts requiring high level properties.

  • For use in a variety of applications, such as body panels in agricultural and earth moving equipment, and trucks and buses
  • Provides good impact properties to withstand rough service
  • Material characteristics allow aesthetically appealing body style and shape on many machines
  • Composition based on extra-high purity dicyclopentadiene (DCPD) – mixed with other norbornene monomers – that reacts via a Ring Opening Metatheseis Polymerization
  • Allows design freedom in creating highly dimensional 3D parts with range of wall thicknesses
  • Creates quality parts that are easily painted and offer good adhesion capabilities
  • Requires low start-up investments in aluminum molds and production equipment
  • Forms lightweight, impact-resistant parts with good stiffness, even at -40 C
  • Resistant to acids and alkaline environments
  • Offers button-to-button processing, usually in as little as four to six minutes
  • Features low energy balance that is easily disposed of without creating heavy metals, ashes or dangerous gases
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