Raex Wear-Resistant Cold-Formed Steel Tubes

Ruukki has released a wear-resistant steel product designed to increase the lifespan of wear parts, the Raex cold-formed steel tubes.

Raex 400 Tube Small 10942641

Ruukki introduces its Raex wear-resistant cold-formed steel tubes which enable a longer lifetime for wearing parts.

  • Three times harder than regular S355 standard steel
  • Martensitic, homogenous microstructure throughout the tube wall guarantees a long lifetime in abrasive materials applications
  • Well suited for the cost-efficient transport of wet concrete and other semi-fluid liquids and wear materials
  • Improves the performance of pumping or dredging equipment and extends its service life beyond normal standards
  • Can also be used for the wearing parts of mining machinery, excavation and dredging equipment, as well as in forestry machinery and equipment
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