Minnesota Rubber and Plastics Quniton Permanent, Highly Lubricious Material

The Quniton material from Minnesota Rubber and Plastics has an inherently low coefficient of friction and can be used in temperatures as high as 500 F.

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Minnesota Rubber and Plastics has developed Quniton to meet market needs for a high-performance lubricious product with permanent, low coefficient of friction (CoF) surface properties.

  • Suitable for various applications in transportation and power
  • Designed to have a low CoF
  • Resists bonding or sticking to a wide range of materials
  • Contains only a fraction of the CoF values compared to other materials, such as EPDM or Silicone
  • Lower CoF offers many benefits, including enhanced product lifespan due to reduced wear and abrasion
  • Features inherently low CoF, unlike other products relying on coating of elastomers with products such as molybdenum disulfide, graphite, silicone oil or PTFE powder which are often not acceptable for customers' applications
  • Retains all performance attributes of high performance material including chemical and thermal stability
  • Suitable for applications with severe chemical exposure including acids, bases and solvents
  • Can be used in temperatures as high as 500 F (262 C)
  • Applications include use in fuel injector valves, heater valves, flow meters, and for transmission seals, rotary shaft and actuator seals, and standard O-rings and Quad rings
  • Also suited for applications in which there is any metal to rubber interface or dynamic seal in contact with transmission oil or fuels 



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