Timken Announces Increase in Performance Ratings for Tapered Roller Bearings

Timken announces it has increased calculated load ratings for its tapered roller bearings by 10%.

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The Timken Company has announced an average increase of 10% in calculated load ratings for Timken tapered roller bearings used in a wide variety of mobile and industrial equipment. With advanced technology engineered into the bearings, performance assessments warrant this increase in predicted life across 20 product types used in industries such as rail and vehicle systems, mining and aggregate, agriculture and food processing, and energy generation from wind, coal, oil and gas.

Based on extensive lifecycle testing, Timken's higher performance ratings translate into greater value, with longer predicted useful bearing life and heavier load-carrying capacity than previously published.

"As the tapered roller bearing technology leader, Timken continually enhances this core product line," says Douglas H. Smith, Timken senior vice president of technology and quality. "Companywide, our engineers and manufacturing teams demonstrate unwavering commitment to build upon our legacy of innovation and continuous improvement. The cumulative impact of improvements in Timken steel-making technology, fundamental design and precision manufacturing and gauging has measurably increased the durability of Timken bearings."

Timken engineers work closely with many original equipment manufacturers to develop best-in-class tapered roller bearings for specific applications such as engines, transmissions, gear boxes, pumps, compressors and other processing equipment. For customers, the higher ratings mean increased power density – more performance packed into smaller, lighter bearings, boosting the energy efficiency of the equipment they help keep in motion.

Henry Timken patented the original Timken tapered roller bearing design in 1898. Soon afterward, he and his sons founded Timken to manufacture these breakthrough bearings. Since then, the company has applied its technical expertise to offer customers a growing portfolio of bearing and mechanical power transmission products and services.