Advantage PressurePro Releases New Sensor Seal with Two-Piece Valve Seal System

The new Sensor Seal technology from Advantage PressurePro features a two-piece valve sealing system for increased durability in harsh operating environments.

Advantage PressurePro, a worldwide leader in Tire Pressure Monitoring, continues to advance TPMS technology and offerings with the latest reveal of their updated Sensor seals.

“In the continuous search to improve our products, PressurePro is pleased to announce the development of our new Sensor Seal,” states Douglas McMeen, PressurePro’s Director of Technology. “In conjunction with partners EEA Engineering out of Australia, we have utilized new technology to review the stresses put upon the seal in a vast array of environments and have made enhancements to the seal accordingly to ensure that PressurePro customers continue to have the most reliable, durable and accurate TPMS product available.”

PressurePro’s new valve seal solution uses a two-piece valve seal system. The first piece is a hard plastic depressor that rests on a surface just below the threads. This new plastic depressor has been designed to the optimum length to more fully depress the valve and provides a hard stop during installation, preventing over tightening of the Sensor against the rubber sealing surface; thus preventing damage to the seal. A simple rubber O-ring is pushed into place over the plastic depressor which fits snugly in place and can endure repeated loosening and installation of the Sensor. 

“PressurePro is proud of our record of reliability and value,” states Phillip Zaroor, President and CEO of PressurePro. “As one of the only TPMS products developed and manufactured in the U.S., we strive to maintain a stringent research and development commitment and continue to push the entire TPMS market into the next generation.”