Groeneveld Exhibiting Automatic Greasing and Safety Systems at bauma 2013

During bauma 2013, Groeneveld will have its various automatic greasing systems on display as well as its Greensight active safety system.

Twin-3 XL Automatic Greasing System
Twin-3 XL Automatic Greasing System

Groeneveld Group - a global leader in automatic greasing systems, Oilmaster oil management devices and Greensight safety systems – has a prominent position at bauma 2013. The group displays its products in Hall C4, at stand number 125, close to Volvo Construction Equipment, one of the largest OEM-customers of the Dutch Groeneveld Group. The company experiences an ever growing demand for its products from the construction and earthmoving world, both in aftermarket and in OEM sales.

Growing demand for Automatic Greasing Systems
Lower repair and maintenance cost and increased machine uptime are only a few of the customer benefits that drive the growing popularity of automatic greasing systems worldwide. Groeneveld Group experiences a fast growing demand for its automatic greasing systems from the construction, earthmoving, quarry  and mining industry. Even more machines are equipped with the unique Groeneveld dual-line Twin-3 heavy-duty automatic greasing system, installed in the aftermarket or supplied as an ex-factory option by leading OEM’s, including Volvo, Caterpillar, JCB, Bell and Komatsu. And for good reasons. More and more companies recognize the benefits of automatic greasing systems in general and of the unique Groeneveld Twin-3 dual line system in particular.

Twin 3: unique features
Within the total range of Groeneveld automatic greasing systems, each of them dedicated for a wide variety of applications, Groeneveld’s Twin-3 is the absolute top of the range. Twin features a unique heavy-duty dual-line concept, offering the perfect solution for larger machines, often operating under extreme conditions. Twin offers important technical advantages over conventional progressive greasing systems. It operates under relatively low pressure, as a result of which the quality and structure of the grease is always retained. Furthermore, optimum greasing of all greasing points is realised thanks to the two simultaneous lines. The patented volumetric system also enables very accurate dosage at each greasing point. Unlike progressive systems, the Groeneveld Twin-3 system also operates in extremely low temperatures and when there are large distances between the pump and the greasing points. This means the Twin heavy-duty automatic greasing system is suitable for larger machines, like large wheel loaders, dump trucks and hydraulic excavators as well as stationary applications. The Twin-3 system is also characterized by an advanced control and monitoring system with data storage and in-cab display.

New at bauma: 20kilo Twin-3 XL
For larger machines Groeneveld recently introduced the XL version of the popular Twin-3 for larger earth-moving machines with higher grease consumption. As the name indicates, the Twin-3 XL features an extra-large 20 kL grease reservoir made from solid coated metal. The Twin-3 XL also meets the demand of manufacturers and users of earth-moving and construction equipment to increase the interval between the machine's scheduled maintenance activities. In terms of format and capacity, the refillable Twin-3 XL pump finds its place between the standard Twin-3 systems with 3 to 8 kL reservoir capacity and the large barrel pumps for drums up to 200 kL. Twin-3 XL is the perfect solution for heavier earth-moving machines, like wheel loaders and dump trucks of 50 tons and more, and for heavier excavators. However, the 20 kL pump can also be used for smaller machines, with the advantage that grease needs to be filled less often or not at all during the service intervals. As pump and reservoir have been integrated into one unit, the complete system is compact and easy to mount. The cylinder-shaped reservoir has a diameter of 340 mm and the complete pump is no higher than 656 mm.

Groeneveld XS for compact machines
At bauma Groeneveld will also display the XS medium-duty automatic greasing system, specifically developed for compact machines with a few lubricating points. The system is extremely compact, as the grease tank, pump, electronic control unit and dosing devices have been integrated into one unit. This makes the greasing system easy to install and guarantees optimum reliability. The Groeneveld XS medium-duty system is particularly suitable for greasing compact excavators, mini wheel loaders and skid-steer loaders. The XS system makes use of specifically developed Groeneveld grease cartridges with a capacity of 1.8 liter, that can easily be exchanged. The specially developed GreenLube grease outperforms normal 0-greases and guarantees superb greasing and long-lasting functioning of the system. 

Oilmaster is rapidly gaining popularity
The Groeneveld Oilmaster is an innovative engine oil management system, originally developed for road transport and public transport, but now also increasingly used for construction and earth-moving equipment, and for instance on generator sets.
For these applications Groeneveld developed a heavy-duty Oilmaster with a 15-liter aluminium reservoir. Groeneveld's advanced oil management system ensures that motor oil will always be at the required level: not too low, which can result in costly engine damage. But also not too high, which can result in excessive oil consumption, oil leaks through seals and gaskets and even damage the exhaust gas after-treatment systems. In addition, the Oilmaster reduces the risk of adding motor oil with incorrect specifications.

Greensight active safety system
Another successful Groeneveld product making its inroads in the construction equipment world is Greensight, increasing safety around trucks and machines. This electronic detection system with acoustic warning signal and optional camera system provides the machine operator with accurate and reliable information about the free space behind or around the vehicle or machine. The system is available for construction equipment, trucks and trailers and helps to prevent damage and personal accidents when reversing, even in bad weather conditions and when it’s dark. Two sensor units scan the space up to eight metres behind the machine by means of ultrasonic sound. This space has been divided into three well-defined zones, each with its own visual and acoustic signalling. Greensight can be enhanced with one or more Groeneveld’s high-end full color camera and in-cab monitor, for overviewing the sides, back or front of the machine. An optional smart alarm is also available, warning people near the machine when reversing.