Benecke-Kaliko Displays Scratch-Resistant Materials at bauma 2016

During bauma, ContiTech brand Benecke-Kaliko displayed its scratch- and abrasion-resistant Acella Protect, Xpreshn Protect and Decoject materials.

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In its capacity as development partner to international commercial vehicle manufacturers, Benecke-Kaliko now offers special surface material for the interior of vehicle cabs in construction machines. At the bauma trade fair from April 11-17, 2016 in Munich, the company, which belongs to ContiTech AG, presented the particularly scratch- and abrasion-resistant materials Acella Protect, Xpreshn Protect and Decoject. The products cannot fail to impress with their outstanding characteristics – for more comfort and functionality in the vehicle interior.

Whether rollers, crawler excavators, or tip trucks: interior surfaces in the cabs of construction machines must endure rough day-to-day work, and be highly functional and long-lasting, as well as comfortable for the driver. The solution: surface material from Benecke-Kaliko, one of the world's leading manufacturers of surfaces for automotive interiors. "Our products cannot fail to impress with specific characteristics, specially developed for particular requirements in commercial vehicles such as construction machines," says Jens Wolandewitsch, Sales Manager for the Commercial Vehicle Division at Benecke-Kaliko. "The materials feature high durability, abrasion resistance, fastness to light, grip and environmental friendliness, and score points thanks to absolutely top-class processing."

Acella Protect: flexible and durable under extreme conditions

Boasting particularly good abrasion-resistant properties, the cost-efficient surface material Acella has proven itself a million times over in production vehicles.

It is free of any plasticizers that are toxic for reproduction and of heavy-metal stabilizers, and is produced to meet low-emission standards. A member of the Acella family, Acella Protect is particularly well-suited to heavily stressed vehicle areas such as seat surfaces and side bolsters. Compared to conventional cover materials, it stands out for its 100-150% better crack resistance in cold environments, because it stays flexible even in extreme temperature fluctuations. Not an insignificant factor in cabs of construction machines, which are often exposed to low temperatures on building sites.

Xpreshn Protect: elastic, scratch-resistant, and light

The new surface material Xpreshn Protect from Benecke-Kaliko features better scratch-resistance than conventional TPO products. It is the material's extreme elasticity rather than its hardness that is the crucial factor when it comes to scratch resistance. The innovative product can easily resist sharp objects. For all intents and purposes, this makes scratches a thing of the past and keeps the driver's cab looking good and operational for longer. In addition, Xpreshn Protect offers very impressive weight advantages of up to 60% compared to conventional trim materials. It also features low emissions, is free of halogens and plasticizers, and is 100% recyclable. Instrument panels, door panels and consoles, and not forgetting seat backs, can also be covered with this material.

DecoJect: tried-and-tested, cost-effective, and the alternative to painted injection-molded parts

Compared with painted injection-molded parts, Decoject is a cost-efficient alternative and is equally scratch-resistant. The material offers a genuine upgrading of the interior. Changing decor is very easy, and this means plenty of varied designs are available. And with the TPO-based thin foils, which are a mere 0.2-0.5 mm thick, the matter of changing colors is nowhere near the cumbersome process it is with an injection-molded surface, where, for every change, the molding line first has to be completely emptied of material in the one color and then run again with material in the new color. With the new thin foil, the component can be continuously produced with the one back injection material, even when the surface design is changed. This saves time and means less scrap. The gloss level is adjusted with the foil to match the interior. There are practically no limits when it comes to decorative prints and effect coatings.

A global presence: production on-site, short transportation routes

Another advantage for the construction machine sector: with modern production sites and sales offices in Europe, Asia and America, Benecke-Kaliko has a global presence in all markets. The company can thus optimally serve the individual needs of its customers with local sales facilities and contact people on site for design, service and purchasing. All product groups are produced in local plants, where possible. The customers thus benefit from short transportation routes. Uniform material and process standards ensure the same product, engineering, and service quality for the customers, wherever they are in the world.