"Leak-Free" Connections for Flared Fittings

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Flaretite 10055424

Flaretite's seals fit all brands of flared fittings of 30, 37 and 45 degrees. These seals make all flared fittings permanently leak-free, and yet allow for

  • Seals clip onto the nose of the fitting prior to assembly
  • Rated for -65 to 1,200 F
  • Fully compatible with all hydraulic fluids, most gases, process fluids, and steam
  • Patented sealing rings are available in 304, 316 stainless steel, and copper
  • May be ordered plain, or coated with Loctite to enhance sealing capability
  • Stamped in all 37 degree sizes, from 3/16 to 2 in.
  • 45 degree seals are available in 1/4 3/4 in. sizes
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