Turcon Roto L Seal

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions launches Turcon Roto L Seal to lower Off-Highway Vehicle and Truck Operators’ Costs

Turcon Roto L 10919117

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions launches the Turcon Roto L seal which only seals when required. Used in central tire inflation systems, this gives total life sealing and helps off-highway vehicle and truck operators save energy and fuel, lowering their overall operating costs.

  • Only seals around the axle of central tire inflation systems when the tire is pressurized to inflate or deflate it
  • Operating approximately 10% of the life of the vehicle’s axle system, the seal provides total system life sealing
  • Friction is eliminated when there is no pressurization, saving energy and fuel
  • Features PTFE sealing lip with a rubber jacket and a stable shape-forming metal part
  • Allows the vehicle operator to deflate and re-inflate tires when the vehicle is on the move
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