Metal Tech HT514 Composite Gasket Material

Metal Tech Industries' HT514 composite gasket material is capable of withstanding high heat, making it well suited for use in exhaust and aftertreatment systems.

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Metal Tech Industries offers the HT514 composite gasket material for applications where extreme temperatures are present and other gasket materials fail to survive.

  • Can be placed in exhaust and aftertreatment systems
  • Formulated for high heat, scrubbing and vibration
  • Features a high-temp facing product mechanically clinched to a durable stainless steel core layer, providing strength and durability in both handling and service conditions
  • Able to survive temperatures up to 1,050 C/1,922 F
  • Composite material well suited for high-temp sealing joints as the structure and thickness provide compensation for flange irregularities and deformation due to thermal expansion
  • Features outstanding ignition loss characteristics, compressibility and recovery
  • Resists oxidation and corrosion in harsh sealing environments
  • Available in sheet form, with large sheet size for optimum utilization in the cutting process
  • Fabricates well with traditional cutting methods as well as waterjet and flash cut techniques
  • Thicknesses available include 0.040 in., 0.065 in. and 0.135 in.
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