Energy Saving Seal (ESS)

Freudenberg-NOK offers its Energy Saving Seal (ESS) which uses less energy than conventional radial shaft seals.

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Freudenberg-NOK offers Energy Saving Seal (ESS) designed to utilize less than one-quarter of the energy used by conventional radial shaft seals. ESS technology combines a proprietary elastomer with a new optimized lip loading design that in many cases eliminates the need for the spring found in conventional shaft seals. The technology can also be optimized to ensure that even under severe levels of shaft misalignment, the sealing lip remains in contact with the shaft, providing reliable sealing.
• Increases engine efficiency, reduces power consumption and can improve fuel economy
• Reduces friction between the seal lip and shaft
• Lowers seal lip temperature
• Virtually eliminates seal failure due to oil breakdown
• Reduces heat aging (hardening) of rubber

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