Mitas Upgrading Factory in Serbia

Mitas announces it will be investing 3.5 million Euro to upgrade its manufacturing facility in Ruma, Serbia.

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Czech-based off-highway tire manufacturer Mitas announces a €3.5 million upgrade of its factory in Ruma, Serbia. The factory is strategically placed to supply the Russian Federation since Russia and Serbia enjoy special trade relations. The Ruma factory, built in 1981, produces agricultural tires. Mitas acquired the plant in 2008.

“The Ruma factory takes advantage of the Free Trade Agreement between Russia and Serbia,” Mitas CEO Jaroslav Cechura says. “Mitas expands production capacity of radial tractor and combine tires.” Currently, the Ruma plant is capable of producing, for example, large radial tires used widely by Russian farmers.

“Serbia is a soaring eagle,” Cechura says. “Serbia’s strategic location, skilled work force, effective production costs and EU-candidate country status make it a perfect springboard for high-flying EU companies.”

The Ruma facility recently obtained the ISO 9001 certificate from SGS, and it has been fully integrated within CGS Holding, which owns Mitas. In 2012, the environmental management system ISO 14001 will be implemented. “The factory has changed controlling of financial flows and procurement, improved production, implemented quality management system, begun reconstructing key machinery, implemented SAP and introduced a balanced score card system,” plant director Ivo Somr says.