Pathway Polymers' AutoFil Dealer Network Continues to Expand

The Pathway Polymers AutoFil Dealer network continues to expand, providing customers with high-quality recycled tire fill material.

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Pathway Polymers’ Certified AutoFil Dealer network continues to expand, now totaling 54 dealers in the U.S. market. Certified AutoFil Dealers provide TyrFil Green using the patented AutoFil Recycler System, which is a computer-controlled process that yields the most consistent and high-quality recycled tire fill material possible.

To minimize heavy equipment cost per hour and avoid premature tire failures, tires should be filled with quality TyrFil material by trained processors. This process ensures proper tire pressure, cure time and other factors essential to a quality filled tire. 

Before becoming a Certified AutoFil Dealer, a company must first agree to participate in on-going training sessions and utilize only approved flatproofing materials and equipment. Furthermore, each company must demonstrate quality business standards and practices, proven flatproofing experience, superior customer service and certified operators.

As a result of this certification, a dealer is not only affiliated with the recognized TyrFil brand but also benefits from exclusive access to parts pricing discounts, top tier technical support, marketing material development, training with a Certified AutoFil Technician and premium placement on the dealer locator section of the Pathway Polymers website.

“The main benefit of Pathway Polymers’ Certified AutoFil Dealer Program is for their rental, mining, construction, material handling and other heavy equipment customers,” states Pathway’s Executive Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Mike Arnold.  “When using a Pathway Polymers’ Certified AutoFil Dealer, heavy equipment users are assured that the tires on their equipment are consistently filled with the highest quality material by trained processors using the best tire-filling processes in the industry.”